The Raven’s Mark Trilogy is a unique entry into the Grimdark and Steampunk genres.

Blackwing by Ed McDonald

A short essay of love, addiction, worship, and coffee.

Image by Bannerman 14

A Short Story in the Hardboiled and Noir Genre.

Image Creator Unknown

It was eerily reminiscent of how Biden is now being used.

Star Trek: The Next Generation S3 Ep23 Sarek

Or… The Left has now gone so FAR LEFT that they no longer resemble any of the values they once held dear.

Star Trek: The Next Generation S3 Ep16 TheOffspring

In Reality, the Masses Bend the Knee to Welcome in the Tyranny as “Safety”.

The Empire from Return of the Jedi

Mission Accomplished

Picture by Sky News

A story of Booster Shots Forevermore…

Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

An in-depth look into Korn, during the making of Follow the Leader

Korn: Follow the Leader by Laura Shenton

Dresden does curses and vampires in a soft-core investigation.

Blood Rites by Jim Butcher (cover)

Jason Falter

I write and I know things.

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