Why are you storing your photos on your phone?

Use Google Photos, free up space, and have access from anywhere.

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I see it time and again when working with people and their mobile devices. Maybe Google hasn’t ADVERTISED Google Photos like they should have, because way too many people have no clue how valuable and easy to use this app is. This goes double for the iPhone people out there who seem to keep transferring their photos from phone to phone since the dawn of the iPhone. You don’t need to do this and you don’t need to pay the extra cash to get more storage either.

First up, Google Photos can be downloaded to any Android phone (from the Play Store, though it is probably already installed when you bought your phone) or iPhone (through the app store). You do need a gmail account to get access but come on, let’s be honest here, who doesn’t have a gmail account in this day and age? Once installed, log in, and set it for the FREE high quality storage and auto backup. There… You just gained access to a powerful picture app on your phone, on the web, and everywhere. You can use the app on your phone or on a tablet and then you can go to the website and see any photo seconds after you take it and it auto-uploads.

Screenshot by Jason Falter

Some general rules to be aware of: In the photos settings, make sure it is set to only backup on wi-fi. There’s no point in wasting valuable phone data if you don’t need to. Another thing is that after you back-up a lot of photos (do this once a week and not every time you take a picture) go into the settings of the Photos app and click Free up space. This let’s the app compare what you have already backed up to the Photo cloud, to the storage on your device, and then deletes the duplicates stored on your device. This is why you don’t need to be shelling out tons of cash on the 256gb storage options out there. The majority of people are choosing that upgrade just because of the massive amount of photos they have acquired over the years. So this is your solution to that issue.

Google Photos also comes with some nice perks too. Things like AI created photos where the AI will take random photos every now and then and add filters and really spruce up the picture. If you’ve taken a series of shots, sometimes the AI will link those together to create a moving scene. You will also get some cool anniversary notices that will remind you of “this day in this year” moments. It’s fun to look back on those when the pictures start building up and you don’t go as far back to check out the older memories. You can also set up photo books and then purchase hard copies that will be sent to you so you can have physical copies of all of your best shots and memories.

Screenshot of Google Photos on the web by Jason Falter

Overall though, Google Photos is without a doubt the best photo app to use for backing up and storing your pics. I’ve moved several people to it and every single person has been more than happy with the results. You get storage, the ability to delete from your device, filter controls, AI assist, and sharing abilities all with this one app. So give it a try, and let others know about it too. This is one of many apps that Google really needs to keep telling people about instead of just leaving it for people to spread via word of mouth.

I’ve been in the technology industry for 21+ years as well as writing about various subjects in that time as well.

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